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Aircraft Services

Services We Provide

True Aviation, Inc. has proven competencies in:

  • Aircraft Acquisitions
  • FAA 141 and 135 Certification
  • Aircraft Management
  • FAA and DOT Record Consolidation and Organization
  • Contract Pilot Services
  • Advanced Pilot Training
  • Custom Aviation / Business Solutions

Aircraft Aquisition

Aircraft Acquisition

The world of aircraft acquisitions is complex and ever changing, True Aviation will enable you to make educated accurate decisions that will ensure your investment provides total satisfaction. We start with a customer needs survey and guide you through every step insuring that your aircraft is delivered in a manner that fulfills your every expectation.

Every FAA office stresses accuracy and conformity to standards. True Aviation has developed a work flow process that expedites the FAA certification process, by presenting clear, precise, and complete organizational structures. True Aviation can assist with certification in an professional advisory and auditing capacity or can create a total certification package including: Manuals, Supplemental Data, Organizational Structures, Business Plans Implementation Schedules, etc ..

True Aviation, Inc. is a professional aviation consulting and management organization.

Professional Aviation Consulting and ManagementWe are committed to provide every customer with services that are faithful and true to the customers needs and desires.

True Aviation started with one idea: "The people in aviation are the aviation experience." Armed with this knowledge our personnel are committed to enabling the realization of our customer's vision.

With 10+ years in aviation our company leaders have a broad range of experiences in general aviation. A masters degree in Business Administration and an education in Aviation Management focused on flight operations / airport design and certification compliment work experiences as military flight dispatchers, corporate pilots, FAA part 135 charter pilots, flight school managers, chief instructor pilots, construction supervisors, and corporate executives.

The combination of experiences and education enables True Aviation to offer services in: Aircraft Acquisitions, FAA 141 and 135 Certification, Aircraft Management, FAA and DOT Record Consolidation and Organization, Contract Pilot Services, Advanced Pilot Training, and Custom Aviation / Business Solutions.

Aircraft Management

Aircraft ManagementNeed a professional organization to take care of your aircraft investment, while you attend to business? True Aviation can insure that your asset's value is being maximized in retained fiscal value and operational use efficiency. Many aircraft managers can coordinate maintenance and flight schedules, but True Aviation is one of the few organizations that recognizes the real value is in the details. Protect your asset and enjoy the benefits aircraft ownership can bring by enabling True Aviation to provide private or commercial use aircraft management.

FAA and DOT Record Consolidation and Organization

Accurate, Precise and Organized records are essential when dealing with governmental organizations such as the FAA or DOT. True Aviation has found that a combined use of technology and good filling systems will not onty assure good relations with these organizations, but also increase efficiency and add value to organizations and their re-marketable assets.

Contract Pilot Services

Contract Pilot ServicesThe number one safety precaution in aviation is to insure that your pilot is a true professional. True Aviation has a network of pilots able to meet your aircraft staffing needs. From single piston engine aircraft to international capable jets make sure that you have a pilot committed to your needs and your safety.

Advanced Pilot Training

Advanced Pilot TrainingTo expand capability one must expand their personal experiences. True Aviation can provide advanced instruction in an individual's aircraft that will increase abilities while aways maintaining a safe environment full of new experiences.

Custom Aviation / Business Solutions

Aviation Business SolutionsTrue Aviation has the staff and experience to formulate solutions for your aviation and business needs. Creative resolution formulation has proven to be one of True Aviation's strengths, giving us a competitive advantage over our resource and capital intensive competition.