Professional Flight Support Services

Professional Flight Support ServicesAt True Aviation we have moved beyond the "Aircraft Management" mindset and have developed our professional aviation services model after a concept of providing strategic operational services. We offer complete flight operations and support services for private, corporate, executive, charter, owner-flown or special mission flights.

Any one or more of these types of flight may describe your operation and no matter which one, we are here to provide you a complete range of flight support and services, both aircraft related and pre-flight and flight related.

We understand that every client who uses our services has different and sometimes very specific needs and requirements. Our job is to help provide you with everything you will need from an operational standpoint to do your job more quickly and easily.

At True Aviation our primary job is to help you do your job.

In order to do this, we saw an opportunity to develop a new business model and provide what we think are the most advanced and innovative flight support services in the industry. Our goal was to provide our services in the most efficient and sophisticated way possible.

We saw that in terms of the overall process of flight operations, it was time to move beyond the thinking that all that needs to be managed is the aircraft. We know that in the end, the pilots prefer to and are usually the ones that are managing their aircraft. At True Aviation our job is to give pilots the tools they need to manage their aircraft more efficiently, in less time and always within compliance of the rules. We do this on a consistent basis, flight after flight, day after day.

We also recognized that each organization operating aircraft has a different array of assets, personnel and technology that it can feasibly invest in and deploy within its operation.

True Aviation has leveraged the benefit of its knowledge base and invested in systems, people and assets that can be deployed within multiple organizations to increase the effectiveness of an operation while minimizing overall costs.

In each different situation, we take an inventory of your strengths and assets, examine your goals and will design a plan to help you fill any gaps to have the safest, most efficient flight(s) possible.

Real-Time Document and Content Management

Document and Content ManagementWe can easily provide technical documents in MS Word, PDF and XML format, but why not have a real-time manual system? With the recent approval of EFB's and tablets, many organizations are now deploying these tools with the intent to streamline efficiency and space and also leave behind the paper age.

Through the deployment and use of a Content Management System (CMS) you can transform all those individual manuals and sources of knowledge into an integrated system that works together seamlessly anywhere, anytime.

Now you can free yourself from the three ring binders and revision control systems that are eating up your valuable time, patience and space. We will provide you with the tools for you to be able to look up anything you need instantly, using the highly advanced but extremely easy to use technology of the digital age.

In fact, until you free your content from the restrictions of out-of-date word processing programs and hard-copy binders, you may find yourself actually increasing your workload. That is where we can help. A good example of how important this new technology is can be seen at Miami Air.

In May of 2011, Miami Air licensed the S1000D/DITA CSDB CMS from SiberLogic to manage maintenance, operations and safety documentation. Less than a year later, in April of 2012, the FAA approved the SiberSafe S1000D CSDB-based SMS at Miami Air International. Miami Air is the leading charter airline in the country and only the fifth to organize and adopt a Safety Management System (SMS). It is the first part 121 charter airline to adopt one.

An SMS is simply an organized way of looking at and managing safety. In the case of airlines, it helps them examine their existing policies and procedures and then redesign them, beyond regulatory requirements, to make the airline as safe as humanly possible.

Now True Aviation has teamed up with SiberLogic and Miami Air and we are offering this cutting edge technology to help design your airline's new SMS or any other S1000D project.

IS-BAO Auditing

We can help you easily transform any of your unstructured content into S1000D, import existing S1000D content from your suppliers or customers, or author or publish your S1000D content. We can provide this in many formats including: e-book, pdf, xml, web-based and yes, even 3-ring binders.

The International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO) was adopted by the business aviation industry in 2002. It is a code of best practices that was developed to help the business aviation industry achieve and maintain the highest possible levels of safety and professional practices. True Aviation is a proud member of the International Business Aviation Council (IBAC) and is an accredited IS-BAO Audit Provider.

We specialize in conducting IS-BAO audits for flight departments consisting of one to two aircraft and staffed by two to ten persons. All our audits are conducted by a Director of Operations/Chief Pilot who comes in and becomes part of your organization long enough to understand it from the ground up and share your day to operations and experiences with you. He will audit not only the day-to-day flight operations, but also all equipment, technology, procedures, manuals, SMS and paperwork processes.

Your organization has worked hard and made a large investment in its equipment and operations. Having your flight department become IS-BAO compliant is another very important part of the process of having a professional and well-respected business aviation operation.

FAA Certifications

True Aviation is proud to be an FAA approved Air Carrier Certification Service. We provide FAA certification services, from scratch if needed, for 135 Air Carriers and 141 Flight Schools and we provide 91 RVSM certification services as well.

135 Air Carrier Certification With few exceptions, any air carrier that provides intrastate air transportation of persons or property for hire, using one pilot, visual flight rules and transporting nine passengers or less, must be certified as an operator under part 119 or 135 of FAA regulations. When looking at the applications process it can indeed be a daunting task, but this has to be done in order to operate.

This is where True Aviation will come in and actually become your liaison with the FAA to help guide you through the complex certification process. We have gone through this certification process for many carriers, many times and we will gladly help you painlessly navigate through every part of your application to become a fully compliant and certified 135 Air Carrier.

The 135 Air Carrier Certification process is basically broken down into four phases.

Phase 1) Preapplication process (includes operations, maintenance and avionics) - We will help you review and complete your Preapplication Statement of Intent (PASI) and all other preapplication paperwork and processes.

Phase 2) Formal Application (includes operations, maintenance and avionics) - We will help you with your formal application letter, Operations Specifications worksheet, your Letter of Compliance (LOC) and all other paperwork that needs to be filed in the formal application phase.

Phase 3) Document Compliance (includes operations, maintenance and avionics) - We will examine all your documents and make sure you are compliant.

Phase 4) Demonstration and Inspection (includes operations, maintenance and avionics) – Our Certification Project Manger (CPM) will have you demonstrate your skills and knowledge and inspect all your equipment and technology. Our CPM will then determine if you have met all regulatory requirements and if not, will work with you until you have.

141 Flight School Certification

If you are a new flight school looking to become certified or an existing flight school up for renewal of your certificate or ratings, True Aviation can provide this service for you.

91 RVSM Certification

True Aviation also provides one-stop RSVM training and certification.

Agent for Service

Agent for ServiceAn N registration is the safest, most trusted and secure registration in the world. True Aviation can be your FAA Agent for Service and help you stay compliant with the FAA, insurance and lease requirements to keep your N registration.

The major benefit to having an N registration for your aircraft is that it allows you to keep your FAA licenses and ratings anywhere you fly in the world. The other major benefit is that you can buy parts from the USA wherever you are in the world. This can be a major savings and cost benefit. Finally, there are some tax advantages to keeping an N registration.

No matter what your document management, auditing, certification or registration needs, make sure to call True Aviation first and talk to one of our representatives about your business needs today.