Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to our most frequently asked questions..

What is Aircraft Management?

AIRCRAFT MANAGEMENT - Under a turn-key management program, all aspects of aircraft preparation crew management and aircraft maintenance are handled by a management company

Can you help me get FAA 141 and 135 certified?

Yes, True Aviation has developed a work flow process that expedites the FAA certification process, by presenting clear, precise, and complete organizational structures. True Aviation can assist with certification in an professional advisory I auditing capacity or can create a total certification package including: Manuals, Supplemental Data, Organizational Structures, Business Plans Implementation Schedules, etc ..

Can you help me manage my documents?

Yes, We can easily provide technical documents in MS Word, PDF and XML format, but why not have a real-time manual system? With the recent approval of EFB's and tablets, many organizations are now deploying these tools with the intent to streamline efficiency and space and also leave behind the paper age.

Through the deployment and use of a Content Management System (CMS) you can transform all those individual manuals and sources of knowledge into an integrated system that works together seamlessly anywhere, anytime.

Now you can free yourself from the three ring binders and revision control systems that are eating up your valuable time, patience and space. We will provide you with the tools for you to be able to look up anything you need instantly, using the highly advanced but extremely easy to use technology of the digital age.

Do you have Aircraft Maintenance Services?

At True Aviation Charter Services we maintain our aircraft to the highest standards of safety, in compliance with all applicable FAA Regulations and in a cost efficient manner. True Aviation Charter Services utilizes the most advanced computer based maintenance software system available. To coordinate our maintenance, we work closely with the flight crews and owners to ensure maintenance is performed at acceptable locations, with well established reputations for quality workmanship and cost effective.

Can I hire a pilot for my personal jet/aircraft?

Yes, we have pilots for hire.

The number one safety precaution in aviation is to insure that your pilot is a true professional. True Aviation has a network of pilots able to meet your aircraft staffing needs. From single piston engine aircraft to international capable jets make sure that you have a pilot committed to your needs and your safety.

How much do you charge?

Please contact us via email or phone to get a quote for our services.